Renewal of Registration - 2019

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About the online Renewal System

1. The online renewal registration form is only available for applicants who previously played in the 2018 season.

2. You shall require the applicants South African ID number to access the registration renewal form.

3. If the ID number entered brings up a unfavourable response, the applicant shall unfortunately be required to register on the open registration days. Reasons for this are numerous but include the following:

a. The system does not recognise the ID number, or it was entered incorrectly.
b. The applicant is already registered.
c. There are possibly 2018 subscription fees that are in arrears.
d. The applicant may have been a member prior to 2018 but was not registered for the 2018 season.
e. Compulsory documentation from the 2018 season was never provided to BNFC.

4. Once successfully on the Renewal form page, all the existing information is to be verified and then re-submitted.

5. An on-screen pop up will detail a unique deposit reference number to be used when making and EFT payment.

6. Additionally an email confirmation of this reference number shall be sent to the primary contact email address.

7. Once the deposit appears in the account and is captured, the system will then (and only then) complete the registration, which involves the following:
a. Grant the BNFC registrar permission to request the applicants kit;
b. Grant the BNFC registrar permission to register the applicant for the ELFA 2018 football league season and thereby releasing the applicants playing card to the Benoni Norhterns Football Club.

Terms and Conditions

The applicant (or the parent or guardian of the applicant under 18 years of age on behalf of the applicant) hereby applies for membership/renewal or membership at Benoni Northerns Football Club), for the duration of the current financial year (1 October 2018 to 30 September 2019), and agrees:

1. That the details specified on the registration form are correct.

2. That the applicant will abide by the rules, Constitution and Codes of conduct of the club and the sections/sporting disciplines in respect of which he/she wishes to become a member.

3. That the applicant shall assist the club in the development of sportsmanship and behave in a manner that shall enhance the overall reputation of the Club and the applicant's growth in sport, and that coaching shall be left to the coaches

4. That all sporting activities arising from his/her membership of the Club are undertaken at the applicant's own risk. The applicant indemnifies the Club and its members should any injury or harm befall him/her whilst undertaking any such activities.

5. That the applicant shall pay the fees and/or agree in writing with the football Chairman, terms on which to pay the fees specified on this form of membership of the Club and the sections/sporting disciplines in which the applicant wishes to participate immediately on receipt of an invoice from the Club. The applicant acknowledges that he/she is aware that the Club administration fee and the section fee are non-refundable fees incurred on acceptance of the applicant and shall not be refunded to the applicant in the event of the applicant terminating his/her membership before the end of the financial year.

6. That failure to pay the fees specified on this form and abide by the rules, Constitution and Codes of conduct of the Club and the sections/sporting disciplines in respect of which the applicant wishes to become a member may result in the termination of membership of the Club, in which event the applicant shall remain liable for payment of all fees due at the date of the termination.